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Society of Don Guanella Major Seminary

Reg. No. SI 84/1998

Samupillai Nagar, Cuddalore - 607 001

Nazareth Illam Thalavadi History

Thalavadi is located near Sathiyamangalm and it belongs to the diocese of Ooty. It is a beautiful place surrounded with high mountains and hills. It is in the district of Errod. The mission place was blessed and inaugurated by Most Rev. Bishop. Amalraj (the Bishop of Ooty). There are more than 50 villages around the area. In 2009, the mission of Thalavadi was started with the special vigor of attending to the needs of special children. We were given ten field workers from the government for the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program. This project is called Vazhikattum Thittam. Its purpose is to guide persons with disabilities to obtain their rights and to receive government grants and help. We were given ten animators for each Panchyat in Thalavadi Block. Each one is paid Rs.750/-. We are have improved the communication of news and information to people. We are able to do many things for the people with the people being cooperative. They are happy about this progamme. Through this program, we were able to obtain a new census which showed that there are six hundred twenty-seven Differently–Abled persons in ten pancyat of Thalavadi block.